Recipe: Quinoa Diablo Stuffed Tomatoes

Zen and Genki:

I see a lot – I mean a lot – of good photographs in my line of blog. And great recipes too. But this one…this one was so colourful, so gorgeous and drool-worthy that I was compelled to share. Listen up: it’s got tomatoes. And quinoa. And a beet! Oh yeah, it’s got my most favourite purple root veggie! And smoked paprika to boot (the Hungarian in me curtsies deeply)! It’s pretty much a perfect – and pretty! – recipe. So to celebrate autumn in all of its bright, beautiful glory, I am pleased to share BitterSweet’s Quinoa Diablo Stuffed Tomatoes. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Bon appetit!

Originally posted on BitterSweet:

A good recipe is never fully finished, even if it’s tested, printed, and published. Rather than static pieces of history, indelible for generations to come, the most trustworthy formulas still evolve as they change hands. An overabundance of new recipes and effortless access to them through the internet has sadly degraded their value, but each recipe should be considered a living thing, needing care and attention, not to mention an occasional grooming.

One mere flicker of an idea is all it takes to start the wheels rolling, and in my case where the process often stalls. Idea overflow is a common, but happy problem to deal with, so flavor combinations or concepts are initially filed away into little text documents, sprinkled across two hard drives. If they survive long enough to be found again, and still resonate, only then do they have a fighting chance of being born. Thus, cleaning…

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22 comments on “Recipe: Quinoa Diablo Stuffed Tomatoes

    • Thanks! I’m just waiting on permission to use a photo from the actual post in my re-blog here because it is so beautiful! Glad you approve – you’re certainly what I would consider a food and overall “yum” expert :)

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