A Meeting In Central Park With The Oldest Living Yoga Teacher In The World. ~ Photographed by Robert Sturman

Happy Monday morning, Shining Stars!

I hope all of the mothers among you enjoyed a fabulous weekend filled with abundance, joy, laughter and love. My own Mother’s Day was delightful :). Chocked full of tender, precious moments and special surprises that made my insides turn to warm, sappy mush, this mama was on Cloud Nine (and still is, to be honest. I’ll be posting on this unique sort of happiness, shortly.) I thought nothing could add to my heart-swell, until I saw this, most inspiring, gorgeous post.

Is the fact that Master Tao Porchon Lynch is a ninety three (yes, 9-3!!) year old yoga teacher impressive?

Sure, it is. You’d have to have your head stuck up a sticky mat roll to think otherwise.

But what really tickled my fancy about this post is the way Robert Sturman managed to capture, fully, the sheer vibrancy and beauty of his subject. She is absolute radiance personified. And that leaped off the page and straight on into my heart.  My two favourite images are these:

Master Tao Porchon Lynch, 93

But all of Mr. Sturman’s photos are as breathtaking. Master Lynch’s tremendous strength, beauty and grace subtly, yet powerfully, urge you to smile! Do better! Live well and with flourish!

Valuable reminders, indeed.  And a most refreshing, rousing way to end an already perfect Mother’s Day.

Check out Robert Sturman’s full post and pictures here:

A Meeting In Central Park With The Oldest Living Yoga Teacher In The World. ~ Photographed by Robert Sturman.



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79 comments on “A Meeting In Central Park With The Oldest Living Yoga Teacher In The World. ~ Photographed by Robert Sturman

  1. Pingback: Inspiration « Anne Sture Tucker

    • Thanks, Russel, it’s always a pleasure to see your ‘tent’ here and there :) Just stopped into your site as well, and have left it in tip top shape as well. Always a pleasure!

  2. Wonderful photos and such an inspiring woman. My first and best yoga teacher was in her early seventies at the time and was the strongest and most flexible woman I knew. I have never found anyone who could teach yoga quite like she could, but she inspired me to continue practicing, and I have been for 20 years since.

    • Really, in her early 70’s?! That’s amazing too! I bet she would be so pleased to know how much of an impact she had on you! I guess you really are only as old as you feel :)

  3. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring post! For some reason I thought I’d get email notice for your new post. Since I haven’t recieve any, I decided to check your sit, I’m so glad I did.

    • Hi Amy! Oh, I’m so glad you did too! Did you “follow” me through WordPress (the follow up on the top bar) or did you subscribe using your email address? Someone else had a similar issue today and I’m wondering if it’s a larger issue I should inquire about. Let me know! As for the post, I’m so glad you liked it – I think it’s one of my favourites of all time :) Talk soon!

    • ps- just did a double check, and it looks like you aren’t on my subscriber list, Amy–not sure why. To return to getting your notifications by email, you can just “follow” or “subscribe” again, and it should work. Let me know if you have any other issues!
      So nice to see you (as always!)

  4. Also, congrats to whoever made that glorious dress! I’m not big on fashion, but the way that she can clearly use it for every square inch of whimsy and beauty that it provides is awesome to me! But I was the kid that picked out dresses solely based on their ability to spin out while I twirled…so that might just be my opinion :)

  5. I agree, these pictures of Tao Porchon-Lynch are flowing with radiance. What a remarkable woman, it’s difficult to comprehend that she is 93 years old… I am impressed and astonished!

  6. She looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G for 93 !! I’m half her age but feels 100 sometimes LOL ! Yes, got to keep moving before I seize up LOL!

    Glad that you had the best day ever – so every mother should :)

    • Thanks, GF – yes, I did have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Very blessed. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and were as amazed and floored as I was…pretty cool, yes? :)

  7. A little stretching goes a long way in life. I love yoga and don’t do nearly enough of it. Helps me sleep like a baby! She’s a wonderful inspiration – and that red dress is stunning on her :)

    • Thanks so much, Anne – yes it was a wonderful Mother’s Day…and left at the end of it with the impression of this vibrant woman…truly inspired from morning to night!

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