Roll Out the Red Carpet! Two New Pages Make Their Debut

Today, I’m rolling out two brand, spankin’ new Pages! Right up there in the Tabs, it’s my hope they’ll inspire and inform.


I’ve added a new Quotes Page. Nothing complicated, just sparkling little nuggets of gold. I draw a great deal of inspiration from these simple, precious truths, so I’m keeping a page just for them, adding new ones as I journey along :) Perhaps you’ll find something there that speaks to you too. Or maybe you’ve got a brilliant snippet that you’d like to add. If so, just leave it in the QP comments section.


This new page will be of particular interest if you or a loved one have food allergies, are anaphylactic, ingredient intolerant, suffer from Celiac Disease or Oral Allergy Syndrome.

When my little ones were diagnosed with anaphylaxis (life threatening food allergies) to eggs and nuts, and (double whammy!) my husband was diagnosed anaphylactic too (all shellfish), not only was food prep a challenge, grocery shopping became a daunting task as well. Not liking or wanting certain foods is one thing – knowing any trace of it, visible or not, could kill someone is quite another.

It’s hard to adapt to things and find a new “normal” – especially when you’ve no hand in choosing what that normal is. But adapt we did. We began learning, experimenting. And, in no time, we became master food label readers. Now, we read those itty bitty ingredient lists on the sides of anything we buy. If it’s in any sort of package, we read every label, every time. Those sneaky allergens creep into a lot of places and products you wouldn’t believe! If you’re anaphylactic, ingredient intolerant, have Celiac Disease or Oral Allergy Syndrome, that can spell bad news.

Sometimes, food manufacturers, importers or businesses fail to live up to their end of the legal bargain: they don’t accurately label (or worse, mislabel) their products, and ship them out anyway.  This happens, all the time. Whether you frequent Whole Foods or Walmart, eat vegan, love processed junk food, are vegetarian or thrive on a primarily meat or Paleo diet, absolutely every market and demographic that I know of has issued Food Recalls. 

I am signed up for and receive (often daily) these food alerts/recalls. They are issued by food manufacturers who  have sold/distributed food items in North America with incorrect or missing ingredient information on their labels. The Food Recalls Page is a resource that combines multiple alert systems over the  continent into one cohesive, up to date list for those who need (or want) to know when a recall due to undeclared allergens or mislabeled packaging is issued.  The most common recalls are due to undeclared wheat, gluten, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, treenuts, soy and milk, though others do occasionally pop up.

For more information, check out the FR page.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned…I’ve got a great interview coming soon with a health and wellness pro you won’t want to miss!


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Perfect Eggless Pancakes (with full vegan and topping options)

Hearty Kale, Cabbage and Potato Soup


Any of the other goodies in my Recipe Box

21 comments on “Roll Out the Red Carpet! Two New Pages Make Their Debut

  1. My dad has anaphylaxis – a bee sting could kill him. Probably easier to avoid bees than food, however, what a challenge that must be for your family. I’m mostly vegan, too, and look forward to trying some of your recipes…

    • Hi Barbara,
      The bee sting thing, I find a little more intimidating, to be honest – sometimes, regardless of what someone does a bee WILL see fit to sting or ‘go after’ (enter me as a child listening to everyone saying, “just stand completely still and it won’t sting you”…standing like a statue, and having the thing sting me multiple times! …I don’t listen to that advice anymore, I run like heck!) With the kids, as long as we read the labels, get ingredient lists etc. at restaurants, we know the foods that they’re allergic to won’t chase after them and jump into their mouths! Interestingly enough, for some kids with food allergies (but no allergy to bee stings), bee pollen treatment has worked as a “lessener” for their reactions when taken over time. This didn’t work on my kids, but I always did find it interesting that the byproduct of something that is so common an allergy inducer (bees) could also have a preventative effect on other allergies.
      Anyhoo, I do hope you enjoy the recipes too – I’ve got a whole stack I’m setting up to try soon and post – you’ll have to let me know what you think (and hey, if you’ve got a great one to try, feel free to pass it along :))
      Have a great weekend!

      • Dad carried what he called a “bee kit” around with him in his shirt pocket for as long as I can remember. If stung he could give himself a shot of epinephrine, but he never got stung in my lifetime (I’m 55), that I know of, and he just turned 90. I guess he was good at keeping away from bees! But he told us he almost died a couple of times as a teenager and as a young man when he was stung. He used to get allergy shots once a month, too.

        The bee pollen treatment you mention for food allergies is new to me and sounds intriguing. I’ve been told that eating local honey helps with pollen allergies and does seem to help me with mine, but thankfully those allergies are more of a nuisance and not life-threatening.

        Hope you’re having a great weekend, too!

  2. I have no food allergies, but that is a great idea for the recalls. As for the quotes page, I LOBVE it! So many great quotes, i can’t pick a favorite. But “This too shall pass” is one I have told myself many times over the years – and it’s absolutely true. Thanks for the page, I’ll check back from time to time to see if anything gets added.

  3. I think both of your new pages are great ideas. Collecting quotes on one place is magnificent. I will definitely check it out on a regular basis. The hope would be that in some time it could be used as a reference for most things that matter in life. And the same with the Food Recall Page. What better idea to help each other with something I would bet is quite a challenge. I can’t even imaging how it is to be anaphylactic. Luckily enough none in my family or among my nearest acquaintances have had to deal with such a thing.

  4. Food alerts are great. When I was rather more active in the dogblog community (on blogger) they whizzed around people in no time, so good on you for setting this one up. Veg*n ones are usually more rare but I’m not sure if there was a soya milk one a while back.? Definitely looking forward to this one.

    • In North America, they do recalls for all of the major allergens (including soy) – but the laws have just recently begun firming up where the actual labeling is concerned …almost across the board (where food stuff is concerned, anyway) I think Canada is so far ahead of the curve compared the the U.S., but with food allergen labeling, Canada’s really been slow to catch up….hopefully that will change over the next few years :)

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